Find answers to frequently asked questions about our Topless Waiters here!

Q: What do your Topless Waiters wear?
Our sexy topless waiters wearing a collar and bowtie, stylish cuffs and our signature bottom revealing apron!

Q: What do your Topless Waiters do?
Our Hunks will greet your guests, serve drinks and food, take plenty of awesome photos with all your guests, playing hens party games and even help to clean up at the end. Depending on the style of your party, our guys can chill out in the background and just serve drinks, or if you prefer that they get more involved they can host the night and organise games and other fun activities!

Q: Can I choose my topless waiter?
We will do everything we can do organise the topless waiter of your choice, but do we book out quickly so if your chosen Hunk is unavailable we will organise someone just as awesome! You can check out all our Topless Waiters here!

Q: What kind of events do your topless waiters cater for?
90% of the events we do are Hens Parties and Hens Nights! Although we also cater for Corporate Events and Private Parties too.

Q: Who are your Topless Waiters?
Our guys are carefully chosen for their handsome looks, friendly personalities and approachable nature! They are good looking, fun, cheeky, funny, clever, confident and know how to have a good time!

Q: Can I take photos with my Topless Waiters?
Yes, absolutely, and we encourage it! He will pose for the camera and even help pose the girls too. Maybe a hand on his butt, or he can carry the Hen! There are hundreds of hens party photo ideas! You girls will have a ball!

Q: Can your Topless Waiters make cocktails?
Yes, absolutely! As long as you provide the ingredients our guys will happily mix the drinks for you. All our guys have plenty of experience, although, if some of your cocktails are more exotic than the usually Vodka Orange, then please provide a receipt too.

Q: How much do your Topless Waiters cost?
Prices vary depending on how many Topless Waiters you would like to hire, how many hours you would like to hire them for, what kind of party you are having and the location of your party. Please Contact us using this form, and we will get back to you ASAP with a quote!

Q: Can you Topless Waiters come to me?
Yes, absolutely. All our Topless Waiters and come to you at your location at either your house, apartment, hotel room or even at the bar or club!

Q: How can I book one of your Topless Waiters?
Simple send us an email using the Contact Us page, or directly to with all your party details. We will check availability and also give you a quote. If you are happy with everything we will simply ask you to fill out an online booking form, pay a 50% deposit, and you’re good to go!

Q: Is there any more information I need to know?
For more information about us please check out other Topless Waiters website!