How to Give Sensual Massages To Level Up Your Foreplay

Imagine coming home to a candlelit bedroom with a refreshing aroma, and greeted by your partner after a tiring day at work. After a sumptuous dinner, you have a massage session waiting for you in the bed, with spa-like essentials ready at your bedside table. It’s like a restart button and a great way to pamper yourself. And what more if you have a masseuse partner ready to turn a classic massage into a pretty erotic night. Isn’t this a dream come true? Here’s a clip from an old movie if you’re not convinced yet.

Massage is great foreplay in bed

There’s a reason why massages are great foreplay in bed. Whether you’re aiming for foot massage, back massage, neck massage – it can really get you in the mood especially when aromatic oils are used. Since it relaxes you and your muscles, you feel uninhibited and ready for what the world has to offer. And of course, when your partner’s hands stray a little, you get kinky and anticipation is built up. And the rest is history.

Sensual Massage – How to Get Started?

So if you plan on levelling up your foreplay by giving sensual massage, visit our sex toy shop. Here’s a guide to get you started tonight:

​Set up a romantic mood

Set up the place where you want to hold your massage session. It doesn’t have to be in your bedroom. It could be near the patio overlooking the scenery outside of your place. Dim the lights and use aromatic candles. Make the place comfortable by putting on a little music. If you’re feeling extra, decorate the bed with flower petals and this will instantly turn the room sexy and fabulous. Any pampering session is always perfect with a glass of red wine. If these things won’t surprise your partner, we don’t know what else will.

Sensual massage is perfect to be done in a romantic place beyond the bedroom.

Prepare the massage essentials

When you’re done setting up the place, the next step is to prepare essentials for your massage. You don’t want to go to battle unprepared, right? Prepare lube and massage candles for your session. Go for scented ones, not only it smells good, but it also triggers parts of the brain associated with emotions. Choose your partner’s favourite lube and candle scents to boost her mood and generate positive emotions. 

For a successful sensual massage, candles and massage oils must be prepared.

Start with the basics

Even if you are not a pro in giving massages, you can google tutorials or watch videos. Start by putting the pressure on your partner’s body using your thumb and moving it in a circular motion. Concentrate on the stomach, arms and the back, then proceed with the back of the knees, the soles of the feet, lower back, nape of the neck, etc.

Transition to sensual massage

To get the night party started, gently press sensitive areas like the temples, cheeks then the jaw. Then when you got all the knots in the muscles and warmed up on the upper portion of the body, you can transition to more intimate parts. Start with the inner thigh. This area is extremely sensitive so when stimulated, be sure to have tons of blood pumping. Knead the inner thigh and tease this part by gentle brushing and touching. If you need a little help with “massaging”, you can also check adult toys like a wand.

Transition from basic to sensual massage as a great foreplay.

A good massage relaxes the body, and it also allows erotic sensations to run freely. It can be amazing foreplay in bed. Giving massages is also a great way to show your partner how much you care for him or her. Aside from the erotic night, you may get, you can also develop your touch skills, timing, communication among others with this sensual effort.