Women deserve to have as much fun as men do. While the trends of women going out on their own private parties have been around for ages, today, there are services that cater to the needs of women as much as they do to the needs of men.

Australia also offers a number of such services which specifically cater to women. Women in Melbourne can party and have just as much fun as men do by hiring the services of Helpful Hunks.

Helpful hunks offer male waiters on hire to clients, which can be used for parties, events and any other requirements that women may have, including a range of household tasks and home maintenance jobs. The waiters employed are gorgeous and handsome to look at and they perform all of their tasks topless.

Services offered by Helpful hunks


Helpful hunks not only serve as a hens night topless waiters service, but it can also offer various other services to women. The hunks can be hired simply as topless waiters for a corporate event or a party, or they can serve as bodyguards and wing men on a ladies night out.

While the topless waitering Melbourne service is not that of male strippers, the hunks can get naughty if the women want them to.  If women are on the lookout for life drawing Melbourne or for a hens party life drawing, the charming hunks will not hesitate posing nude. The hunks are charming and seek to pamper all requests that a client may present to them, even entertaining hens party life drawing and hens party games for the enjoyment of clients.

The services offered by the topless waiters Melbourne go far beyond that the night party needs. Women can also choose to hire hunks to get work done around the household. Instead of opting for the conventional handyman services Melbourne or home maintenance Melbourne, these helpful hunks can be hired to get any job done effectively and the best part of it all is that the gorgeous hunks perform all of their tasks topless.

If you are looking for a topless waiter Melbourne service, then Helpful Hunks can offer you much more than what you are looking for. The hunks are trained to treat clients like queens and entertain any request that they may have. If instructed, they will simply serve drinks and greet guests. If a fun night with party games is to be had, the hunks will prove to entertain clients for as long as they want. Hunks can also be used as bodyguards to ward off eve teasers and can even serve as wingmen if the need be.

Women in Melbourne have the option to party just as hard and just as much as men do, by making use of the Helpful Hunks service. With a large number of satisfied customers and a growing number of testimonials, the service is quickly building a reputation for offering the finest in topless waiter services in the city of Melbourne.