Check out these awesome Hens Party Games to play with your Topless Waiters

Our Topless Waiters not only have heaps of experience being awesome, friendly, fun and charming, but they also have heaps of Hens Party Games ideas too! Here we have compiled 7 of our most favourite hens party games to get everyone involved, break the ice and get a hens party started!

The first 5 hens party games are amazing team games and can be a little competitive, but are awesome fun and will have everyone on the floor laughing! The last two games are for a fun challenge for everyone to play, all night.

Hens Party Games Topless Waiters

1) Pop: Divide all girls into two groups. Now, all the girls from each group need to get into pairs. One pair of girls from each group is given a balloon. Now the fun starts, when the Hunk says GO, the pair of girls from each group must pop the balloon using a sex move. First to pop the balloon wins, losing team drinks! Make sure everyone get a go! Feel free to get your Topless Waiter involved in this game! **Props Needed – Balloons

2) Handless: **Warning, this game is a little naughty** Get all the girls into a circle, Hen stands in the middle. Give the Hen a condom (in the wrapper) and a banana or cucumber. The aim of the game is for the Hen to unwrap the condom and put it onto the banana/cucumber without using her hands! Obvioulsy the mouth works best, but feel free to use any means possible **Props Needed – Condom, Banana/Cucumber

3) Who’s Got The Moves: Put all the girls at the hens party into pairs. The Hunk will call out a sex position and the quickest pair to act out that scene (while also being the most creatively) WINS! All the rest of the girls at the Hens Party have to take a drink! Again, feel free to get your Topless Waiter involved in this game, maybe even pair him up with the Hen!! Just make sure you allocate someone to call out the positions.

4) The Wedding Dress: Here is a great hens party game for the fashion enthusiasts and to get everyone’s creative juices flowing. Divide all the girls into two groups. Each group must delegate a model for the group. With a 10 minute timer the group must create the best wedding dress on the model only using toilet paper! See who has the best fashion skills amongst you all. Winner is judged by the Hunk or the Hen. **Props Needed – Toilet Paper

5) Sexy Charades: Get all the girls to write down a word on a piece of paper, ie, Horny, Man, Penis, Grooms Name etc, then put all the pieces of paper in a bowl. Get all girls in a circle, put the Hen in the middle. The Hen must pick the pieces of paper out of the bowl, and act them out! The sexier and more difficult the words are, the better! If the girls can guess what the Hen is acting out, she’s safe! If the girls cannot guess what she is acting out, then the Hen drinks! **Props Needed – Pen, Paper, Bowl

Now for two fun universal games/rules that you can instigate at the start of the night! These games/rules can be played until the very end of the night too.

6) Don’t Say That!: Work together to choose 5-10 words that become words that no one is allowed to say all night! Words like Hen, Party, Wedding, Grooms Name, Drink! are all great. If anyone is caught saying one of these words, they have to drink!

7) Un-cross Legs: This is a rule that can be enforced and applied to everyone. Girls are not allowed to cross their legs, ALL NIGHT! If a girl is caught crossing their legs, she has to drink!

I hope you liked these hens party games! They are some of our favourite and always manage to get a party started. Let me know if you have any others that I can add to the list by emailing us at