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Welcome to Topless Waiters! Melbourne’s best Topless Waiters company! Our Topless Waiters in Melbourne are the best in the industry, we cater for Hens Parties, Hens Nights, Private Parties and Corporate Events in Melbourne.

Our Topless Waiters are not only charming and talented, but they are also fun, fit and super friendly! We don’t just choose gym junkie guys with no personality to work with us, our Topless Waiters are carefully selected because they are the best in the industry!. They light up a room when they walk in, not only because of their handsome looks but because they are super friendly! You can check out all our Hens Party Packages here!

We are different from the other topless waitering companies, not only because our waiters are the best in the industry, but because of our uniforms! Our Topless Waiters wear a collar, cuffs and our signature bottom revealing apron! If you have any questions about our Topless Waiters, make sure you check out our Frequently Asked Questions page. Not only do we have the sexiest topless waiters but we also have the best male strippers in Melbourne.

Also, if you’re looking for Hens Party Ideas, make sure you check out our Blog as we have heaps of Hens Party Games and Hens Party Ideas there! To book one of our sexy topless waiters give us a call on 0431 431 994 or send us an email to We would love to hear from you!

Check out our sexy handsome Topless Waiter!


Topless waiter Brodie
Topless waiter Mike
Topless waiter Francesco
Topless waiter TeeJay
Topless waiter Stephen
Topless waiter Paddy
Topless waiter Jacob
Topless waiter Charlie
Topless waiter Jeremy
Topless waiter Nate
Topless waiter Luke S
Topless waiter Lony
Topless waiter Kieren
Topless waiter Justin
Topless waiter Josh F
Topless waiter George
Topless waiter Felix
Topless waiter Fernando
Topless waiter Chris M
Topless waiter Charaf
Topless waiter Brendan
Topless waiter Alex S
Topless waiter Ben S
Topless waiter Adrian

Our Topless Waiters are the best choice for your next hens party or party!

We would love to hear from you! Call us on 0431 431 994 or fill out the contact form below with your party details and we will be in touch as soon as possible!


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topless waiters in Melbourne

The Ultimate Hens Party Accessory – Topless Waiters in Melbourne

Our Topless Waiters are the best choice for your Hens Night. They are super fit, very fun and ridiculously friendly, and are perfect for your next Hens Party.

We provide sexy Topless Waiters for Hens Nights, Private Parties and Corporate Events! These guys really are the ultimate hens party accessory.

Every hens party needs to be special, fun and a little bit cheeky! That is what we are best at! Our sexy topless waiters will bring the life to your party. They will greet your guests, chat and have fun with everyone, serve drinks and food, mix cocktails, take heaps of photos and help clean up afterwards! They will do all this wearing our signature collar, cuffs and BOTTOM REVEALING APRONS!

We also have plenty of awesome Hens Party Games to play, so don’t worry if you haven’t planned anything, just hire one of our Topless Waiters and he will bring the fun and games to the party! We will also give you some ideas before the night, in case you need to run out and buy some props quickly before the big event.

When you hire one of our Topless Waiters, you’re not just getting a waiter, you’re getting an awesome guy who will be fun, full of life, sexy, cheeky and knows how to have a good time! Get in touch, we would love to hear about your party! Contact C on 0431 0431 994 or email us on We can work with any budget, big or small, so send us a message and we’ll send you a quote.

Watch our Topless Waiters working their magic!

Topless Waiters offer an exceptional service and one that will add value to any Hens Party! So, if you’re organising a Hens Night in Melbourne then you have come to the right place.

These guys are not only good looking, they are smart, witty, funny, charming, handsome, super fun and know how to bring the life to any party! They have plenty of experience especially when it comes to playing Hens Party Games! There are so many fun Hens Party Games to play, that get everyone involved, and will have all the girls in tears of laughter! From sexy naughty games, to cheeky funny games, we know them all.

Depending on the style of your party, our guys can simply rock up and serve drinks and just chill out on the sidelines and be some nice eye candy for everyone, or if you’re looking for someone to really take charge then our guys can do that too! With over 8 years of experience we really are the best topless waitering business in Australia!