These are the Top 5 best Hens Party Ideas or things to do at your Hens Party with our Topless Waiters!

So, you’ve been put in charge of organising your besties hens party and have no idea where to start!! It’s ok, we are here to help 🙂  Here is a list of the top 5 things you could do for your friends hens party:

Mitch1) Organise one or more of our handsome charming topless waiters! Women do not want greasy naked men rubbing their genitalia all over them! Women want a man to treat them like a queen and that is what we do! Our handsome Topless Waiters will be at your beck and call, greet your friends and family, give you compliments, mix cocktails and serve drinks and take lots and lots of photos with the hen and all your guests. We also have plenty of fun and naughty hens party games up our sleeve, so if you want to get the party started, just let us know and we will host and get the games started! We also come to you, at your home, hotel room or even private function room.

2) Relax with a pamper party! These are a great way to get the day started. It’s a big day, and drinking from 9am to midnight is just not possible. Why not break up the day, put your feet up, relax and get the full service! Cucumbers over the eyes and mud on the skin! If that’s a bit might, why not tone it down and just get a shoulder rub! Pamper parties come in lots of shapes and sizes, you might want to organise a getaway for the weekend and stay at a remote day spa, or maybe just call a mobile pamper party company to come to you at your hotel room before you hit the town!

nude hens party life drawing3) Get your creative juices flowing and try Life Drawing! This is a fun session for all the girls to get involved! One of the top companies like Helpful Hunks offer an amazing 1 hour session full of interactivity and laughter. These are not ‘boring, sit there and draw a few poses’ type of sessions. These are laugh out loud, get involved type of sessions. The Hunks will start you off with a few warm up sketches before things get serious, and the hen is asked to remove the apron! Different games are played including ‘each person draws one body part’, or ‘everyone draw with your left hand’! The Hunk even allows the hens to pose him or for a little more excitement, get the maid of honour to poses the hen with the Hunk!

4) Feeling energetic, how about a dance class! There are plenty of options from Pole Dancing to Burlesque and everything in between. If the group is feeling sexy, then pole dancing is for you. From beginner to advance these classes will have everyone getting their sexy on, enough to entice any man! Or maybe something a bit more risqué is your thing. Burlesque classes are amazing, where the girls can dress up, do a workshop and even get some photography portraits done at the same time! Drink and food packages can also be included to make it an ultimate one stop shop to keep everyone super entertained!

5) If the group like the great outdoors, then a scavenger hunt is for you! These are an amazing way to bond together and enjoy a bit of friendly competition! In groups you will explore the city, buy sexy objects from stores you never knew existed, take photos with handsome hunks, find and follow clues, flirt with some dudes and plenty more! Not to worry, everyone is a winner as you all take home some amazing memories, but of course, the team who came first get bragging rights for the rest of the night!

I hope you enjoyed these 5 hens party ideas. If you need more help or have some questions, please contact me on