Topless Waiters Hens party packages are special party packages tailored especially for women. A hens party involves hiring a good looking male hunk to serve all the needs and requirements that ladies may have during a party.

Across different situations and scenarios, women need some time off where they desire to be pampered and treated like queens. Hens parties are perfect for such situations, where women get to hire a good looking male to take care of all their requests, serve as their bodyguard and also to serve as a topless waiter.

A helpful hunk is not a stripper and will not make ladies uncomfortable. In fact, hunks are courteous and polite and make sure to entertain women the way they want. Depending on the instructions provided to them, the hunks can actively be a part of the party games, or they can simply serve as topless butlers for events.

While women usually have a good idea of what they want, more often than not, their wants and needs go unnoticed. Thankfully, Helpful Hunks can answer this need and they can also charm and pamper women.

Party packages in Melbourne

Of many party packages available in Melbourne, hens party Melbourne can prove to be a lot of fun for women. The hunks are trained to be professional and to meet all the needs of a client.

Across hens night Melbourne, private parties and corporate events, the hunks can be really effective. Depending on the instructions provided to them, they can either completely charm the party by playing an active role, or they can also lay back and ensure that everything proceeds smoothly from the sidelines.


A party package involves a number of features. Some of the services that ladies can look forward to in a party package include:

  • Topless waitering services
  • Handyman services
  • Bodyguard and wingman services
  • Home maintenance services
  • Life drawing services

Apart from these, the hired hunk will also ensure that the ladies have a fun time, entertain their requests, keep them safe, clean up any messes made and also greet guests and take photos. In fact, once hired, the hunk will treat a client like a queen, ensuring that every little demand and request is entertained and that the party moves on smoothly for the ladies.

A number of add on privileges can also be availed of when hiring a hunk. Women can choose the type of waiter that they want and they can decide on the dress code. Ladies can also keep a custom name for the butler and have him offer flowers to guests, entertain them with music and dance and even have him to entertain special needs.

Hens party topless waiters not only prove to be useful at a party, but can also offer help around the house. Ladies who need maintenance around the household, but do not want to do it in the conventional way, can opt to hire a hubby. Once hired, the hunk will carry out all the duties around the house and the best part of it all is that work will be done topless.